Music Sessions

There have been traditional music sessions at Sandy Bell’s Pub since 1942. An extraordinary number of influential musicians of many styles and backgrounds have been regular players. The pub is a legend and an institution – known internationally but with an absolutely local culture of real traditional music. You can read more about its story on the history page.

Nightly sessions at  Sandy Bells are the thriving focus for Edinburgh’s traditional and folk music scene. Below is a rough guide only: every night is unique and unpredictable. Edinburgh has a distinctive traditional style – sometimes called the ‘Edinburgh Swing’. This style is often heard here alongside that of musicians from all over Ireland, the United Kingdom, and many other farther-flung places who’ve come to play.

If you’re not familiar with traditional music sessions – it’s worth bearing in mind that the musicians playing aren’t just a band paid to play for the pub. It’s a different relationship – and it’s the player’s night out too so please treat them with the respect you would other people – for example don’t just take pictures without asking (especially with flashes). 

Gillespie & Wolfe – Alexandria Came With The Storm